Worlds 2019 - completing my foreign languages sets

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Worlds 2019 - completing my foreign languages sets

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Now that the organisation of the Worlds is nearly completed, I can spend a few minutes on my trade list.
Hopefully some participants of the Worlds next week will be able to help me to complete my sets.
We can trade, or I can swap the same card in a different language (I also accept presents :-))
So if you have spares (even if you do not look for anything in particular), please have a look.

So here is what I am looking for:

Dutch: Morannon, Khamul

English Lidless Eye: Adunaphel unleashed, bitter cold, chill them with fear, indur unleashed, last child of Ungoliant, Lieutenant of Dol Guldur, poison, something has slipped, Uruk lieutenant, veils of shadow, web of fear and treachery

French (dark minions): dans le cone fumant, arraignee du Morlat

German Lidless Eye: black rain, come by night upon them, honey on the tongue, kill all but not the halfling, pirates, poison, smoke on the wind, sneakin, some secret art of flames, something has slipped, the ring will have but one master, thranduil’s folk

Japanese co/unco: METD: arrows shorn of ebony, enruned shield, magical harp, rumors of wealth, sleepless malice. MEDM: chances of being lost, cunning foes, juoma, the under leas, to the uttermost foundations

Thank you for your help.

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