Selling my collection off

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Selling my collection off

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Hi all,

Regretfully i must look at selling off my collection after many painstaking years of collecting this great game. I am only selling it off as i need to raise funds for ongoing cancer treatment. So i will be selling my collection of MECCG stuff off by set, and individually where i have spares of cards as well.

I will also be selling off my other CCG card games as well (Star Wars CCG, Netrunner, and LOTRTCG) if anyone is interested feel free to message me and i will see what i have before i go through the painstaking process of listing things on eBAy.

My MECCG stuff is as follows:

1 x Wizards Unlimited set
2 x Dragons set
1 x Dark Minions Set
2 x White Hand Set
1 x Against the Shadow Set
1 x Lidless Eye set
2 x Balrog Sets

Books i have:

Wizards Companion
Wizard Players guide
Dragons Guide
Dark Minions guide
Lidless Eye players guide
Lidless eye companion

I also have some dice and a silver council of Lorien coin. I will also have a ton of extra rares and of course commons and uncommons from sets on top of what is there already, so i'm happy to entertain sales of smaller lots if you think you can find enough worthwhile to negate the shipping cost.

Please note that i am in New Zealand so shipping can be expensive if you want tracked packages, (non tracked packages arent too pricey though) I'm happy to work with you to minimise shipping costs but i would prefer larger deals as it's better value for money for those of you want stuff.

Any questions feel free to message me via PM. Please be bear in mind if i don't reply straight away that i have a lot going on at the moment but i will endeavour to reply back to you as quickly as i can.

If i haven't had much interest by months end i will be listing everything on ebay so now is the communities chance to get in first.

Lastly a big thanks to all those i have traded and dealt with over the past few years. It's great to know this game lives on for many still around the world, and i hope that one day i may be able to get back into it health permitting.


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Re: Flotsam&Jetsam - WTTF & FT

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I've sent you a PM.

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