Marketplace Rules, Please Read

Everything related to buying, selling or trading your MECCG.
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Marketplace Rules, Please Read

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Welcome to the Marketplace! The perfect place for all discussions related to buying, selling and trading all things MECCG!

To keep this forum clean, organized, and easy to view for all, please follow the guidelines below:

1] If you are buying or wanting to acquire something, please put “WTB” (want to buy) or “WTTF” (want to trade for) in the thread title and be as specific as possible about what you are looking for.
If you are selling or wanting to trade away something, please put “FS” (for sale), “FO” (for offer) or “FT” (for trade) in the title and be as specific as possible about what you are trying to move.

Thread titles which are too vague or misleading will be edited.

2] It is recommended that each forum member have a single thread which is updated as necessary with all buy, sell and trade requests for that member.

Members who have multiple threads for buying/selling/trading their items may have those threads merged together.

3] As a courtesy, please either send me a private message OR just reply to your own thread and let me know if your marketplace request has been completed, so that I can lock your thread.

This does not apply for members who have an active thread which is periodically updated. However, for specific, single use threads, this will allow others to easily tell if the item is still sought after or for sale. Threads which appear to be outdated and no longer active will be locked. If your thread is incorrectly locked, please send me a PM and I will be happy to unlock it.

Your help with these requests is much appreciated to make the marketplace a more enjoyable place for all!

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Re: Marketplace Rules, Please Read

Post by Kjeld »

Seems reasonable.

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Re: Marketplace Rules, Please Read

Post by CardGameGeek »

Will do.

In the middle of putting together my Wants/Haves list so it comes at the right time for me :)
You can always find my MECCG Haves and Wants here.
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