In the Heart of His Realm

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In the Heart of His Realm

Post by Wacho »

I'd like to bring this card up for discussion by the NetRep team. There is quite a lengthy discussion of this card in the rules forum here ... .php?t=199

I think there has been a problem with the interpretation of this card up to now. It has never functioned the way it was supposed to in preventing stuff from being played because you could always MT it. I think there is still a lot of uncertainty about how this card works in some ways, but I think the point about the prevention of spells, rituals, and light enchantments being played not being a passive condition and hence you can't respond to it with MT has been carried at least in the rules forum. Basically it can't be a passive condition because there is no trigger and action pair for this part of the card. Not being allowed to do something is not an action.

I think we should rule on this point at least. There is more controversy on how the rest of the card works and Konrad's whole continuing effect vs. passive condition idea, but I'm not trying to bring that up right now.

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Re: In the Heart of His Realm

Post by miguel »

This will be dealt with here once we get to it.



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