CoE Elections 2016 bis [announcement]

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Thorsten the Traveller
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CoE Elections 2016 bis [announcement]

Post by Thorsten the Traveller »

dear friends and fans of MECCG,

It has been quite some time since the last Council of Elrond elections, 4 years in fact.
Some would say the Council has fallen dormant, others might say the Council operates best in the background, Barliman Butterbur would say: "no news is good news."

But what would YOU say?

We will organize new elections this year, so there is a chance for new players to join, and for fresh ideas, energy, and input to flow through the community.

Leading up to the elections, you might want to start or join discussions, on the future of meccg, changes to be made (if any), and on the tasks and organization of the Council of Elrond. Thus I have started a new section, which you'll find here

I propose that we gather some ideas, get the word out, and then host the elections in November.

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the JabberwocK
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Re: CoE Elections 2016

Post by the JabberwocK »


Thanks for making this post!

As you know, I am willing to contribute my energies as a member of the new council.

I will post my specific thoughts in the discussion thread.



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Re: CoE Elections 2016

Post by Jose-san »

My intention is to be more active in this forum. I'd like to see more errata/clarifications issued by the coe/netrep.

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Re: CoE Elections 2016 bis [announcement]

Post by cram »

Can count on me working in the Shadow.

1/Will make everybody know about the existence of CoE, Lure, and other Nat Forums (more than 500 MECCG sales per year)
2/Supporting meetings and tournaments with prices, also creating some nice misc stuff.
3/And making some efforts to make Spanish army to move Regularly to international events again.
4/Also of course working a lot for the Spanish community, organizing tournaments and supporting others, and beginning some new projects I cannot still talk about.
5/And spreading CoE's word to the Spanish community, of course...

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