Council of Elrond Quarterly Meeting 2024Q2 Minutes

Announcements & discussion of CoE related issues.
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Council of Elrond Quarterly Meeting Minutes
2024Q2 Meeting
April 27, 2024

Alvaro (Mordakai), Ethan (DamienX207), Felipe (fisilva1), Kodi (kodi), Manuel (Manuel), Marc (Sarma72), Marcos (Marcos), Tom (rezwits)

Not present:
Nico (Vastor Peredhil)

1. Welcome

2. Review of agenda

3. Committee updates

a. Rules
Rules Committee is aiming to finalize the “remaster” of the full game rules by this autumn (with everything from ICE, CRFs, etc., compiled into a single compendium). We have also been doing lots of digests and individual rulings, but our priority right now is the full game rules compendium. We showed the rest of the Council what we’ve been working on, which was met with a lot of excitement; we emphasized that nothing is being “changed” from the original rules, the old CRFs will still exist for those who prefer that system of organization, etc.

b. Public Relations
No updates.

c. Organized Play & Game Promotions
Worlds 2024 has been scheduled for the weekend of October 18-20 in Hamburg, Germany! Organized Play Committee is also currently running our first official Council of Elrond tournament on the new platform; it’s been great to have various “national” communities playing together in a single place. The committee is beginning discussions about an “online Worlds” to complement the normal “in-person” Worlds this autumn (i.e. some sort of online championship tournament for people who are unable to attend in-person Worlds). We also discussed the issue of spectating during online tournaments extensively.
- TASK: Organized Play Committee will internally discuss spectating policy for online CoE tournaments.

d. Web-Based Initiatives
Tom has been playing with AI that can answer questions based on PDFs, which will be great for rules questions once we have a unified rules compendium. We are also looking at the current website design and how to make it better and more “official” to the CoE.

e. Dream Cards
No updates.

f. Administrative
Our new charter was posted and ratified by the community with 100% approval!

4. Evaluate Meeting

5. Adjourn

Next meeting: TBD
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