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Re: LAX-Game3, (Deck Manip Wiz)

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LAXHilton - GAME 3 (Deck Manip Wiz)

Well after having dinner with Gene at the Hotel Bistro, while going over rules and such, we decided on what we would play the next day.

Game 3 (DC-Fallen Gandalf VS DC-Palando w/METW Elf-Lords)

First all I just want to say, my deck did what it was supposed to do, but it was poorly built. This is due to the fact that I don't get MPs for New Tunnels, and then I need 7 Stage points just to travel to my 1st Deep Mines which gives me 3 more but what can I do with like 20 SP?. My deck's simple premise was Gandalf returns with some Dwarves to loot Moria and the Under-gates.

Like I said the deck did what it was supposed to but I just couldn't keep up with Gene's card engine. I got to about 17 or so MP, but Gene was using Galadriel's Show Things Unbidden, like an Art-form. His deck used Generic, 1/2 Creature Hazard/Perms and was dropping 2-3-4 every turn, he thinned his deck so quickly, he had like 20 or so Hazards on the table, leaving his deck with little to no hazards left. When he Favor of the Valor'd. He got all the of his Show Things Unbidden, that at the point I had 5 Hazards in my hand he went off and played a second Unbidden, by using Very Active Governess-DC card. Just when I thought I had him he took all 5 Hazards!

And just when I thought I was about to start drawing nothing but Hazards, he had all 3 Metw-Elf-lords on the board with Elrond recycling Vilyas and Elf-song just playing on the boom-box in the background. :P At this point I can't truly remember what his scoring was, but in the end it was 39-17. Oh Book of Mazarbul was one, which he used with the Elf-lords to easily get his Hand Size = 13! Some Palantir also helped...

All in all the game was a blur with me sitting there thinking I was going to play a Hazard against him, with every turn DENIED.

Game 4 coming soon...
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