2008 - 2009 CoE Election

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2008 - 2009 CoE Election

Post by jhunholz » Mon May 12, 2008 5:52 pm

EDIT: We've had a late addition to the race! Agustin is running to represent Spain. Also, Nicolai Willinek has withdrawn from the race. Those who have already e-mailed me your votes, if this changes your vote then please re-send them. If I don't receive a re-vote from you, I will count your previous e-mail.

EDIT: Voting has started now, so please e-mail your votes to josh [at] hunholz [dot] com. Thanks!

EDIT: We have had 2 folks volunteer to run for a seat on the CoE, which means we will have a full Council, instead of the Council of 7 as mentioned earlier in this post.

The candidates running this year are:

Agustin Lozano de la Cruz
Piotr Rzenca
Stefan Fankel
Brian Min
Joe Bisz
Wolfgang Penetsdorfer
Bert Claessen
Karsten Gerland
Markus Richartz

They will post their statements in this thread, and voting will begin Friday, May 16, 2008 and run through Friday, May 30, 2008. To vote, send an e-mail to josh [at] hunholz [dot] com with CoE Election in the subject line. You may vote for your top 8 candidates. I will announce the winners after the 1 week voting period is complete.
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Post by jhunholz » Thu May 15, 2008 4:45 pm

Dear MeCCG-Community!

I want to introduce myself to the community since I'm a silent watcher of the mailing list but active at GCCG. My nick name there is ‚Sfan‘ along with a ‚White Horse‘ as avatar.

I have been a member of the CoE the last four years and liked my ‚work‘. It was interesting to see how things are managed and I got new ideas for the local scene.

I am from Germany. In real life I am chemist and doing my PhD-Thesis at the University of Bonn. I'm aged 30 and a passionate player. My interest in MECCG started in 1999. A friend of mine (Sauron1976, Markus Richartz) bought a starter and we played nearly half a year with only this ONE starter. We only got two wizards (one for each!), a few resources and little sites. And no real idea how to play…

Then I went to Lure II and suddenly got infected by the "virus". After taking part at the worlds in Cologne, Germany and Judenburg, Austria I organized our nationals in 2003. My ‚political’ interest concerning the CoE is primary to stable its position. I like the idea of a worldwide legislative. You can go somewhere, you know the rules and rulings, you can start playing immediately and have fun.

One of the things - beside the Tolkien basis of the game - I like most is that there is a limited numbers of cards. So you don't have to spend that much money just to be up to date. I like this familiar feeling at the tournaments. There is no ‚I have to win to get the trophy money!’ but always a warm welcome.

I want my favorite game to be more popular and find new people who are interested in our game.

So give me your vote to

a) stabilize our CoE and our favorite game

b) give me the opportunity to continue my ‚work’ at the CoE

c) have a German member at the Council

Stefan Fankel

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Post by Shapeshifter » Thu May 15, 2008 8:26 pm

Hi folks,

I’m playing MECCG since 1996 with a long break from 1998 to 2004 when Wolfgang got me back for the LURE finally. Since then I’m quite an enthusiastic player again (and probably one of the biggest Cool Play fans around) having attended every year’s LURE event as well as some other tournaments (Worlds, Nordic Cup and German Nats).

Last year I was organizing the German Nationals and will probably do again this year.
Some of you might know my webpage (Fallen Gandalf’s Homepage) where I’m collecting all results of all more or less official MECCG tournaments ever.
I’m also quite active in helping Nico (Vastor Peredhil) designing new dream cards. This involves mainly finding nice pictures for the cards and discussing card texts and rules.

My aims in the Council of Elrond above all will be to keep this great game alive.
Moreover I would like to see and encourage more players to try those fantastic dream cards. Therefore I think it’s necessary to support playtesting and help on finishing those cards with the goal to have a well balanced and complete Dream Card set for casual and tournament play in the not so far future (probably focusing on the First Born and Durin’s Folk sets). Well, were shall we hold the Dream Cards World Championships next year? :D
Concerning ICE’s legacy of having created the “final” and “unchangeable” rules and card texts: I would like to see some card texts corrected which are obvious mistakes like Neither So Ancient Nor So Potent giving Kill points instead of Item points. Additionally some absurd rules (interpretations) should be corrected like a dead Bilbo giving 1 MP to Fallen Wizards instead of negative points. I must admit, however, that I am NOT a rules guru despite that I know most of the rules quite well.

Finally a few short notes on my life besides MECCG:
I’m 33 years of age and from Germany. I work as a landscape architect.

I hope that you like my statement and that you will vote for me.

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Post by thorondor » Fri May 16, 2008 7:20 am

Hello MECCG folks!

I am Wolfgang Penetsdorfer from Austria, also known as thorondor in the WWW. I started to play MECCG from the very start in 1996 with my wife in Salzburg, where I am still living and working as a social worker and teacher.
Since 2001 I am running the Austrian MECCG Council of Ered Nimrais and since 2003 I am also a member of the Council of Elrond.
While being a total maniac about all that has to do with MECCG or Middleea-rth in general, there are a few things I am putting my focus on:
- Most prominently among them is Lure of MECCG, the worlds biggest annual MECCG event (www.lureofmeccg.org).
- Since it became hard to find any good MECCG products for reasonable prices, I started my own MECCG-specific online shop www.eaglecard.org.
- I try to establish contacts between MECCG players. Therefore I am keeping playerlists from all countries. So in case someone is looking for another player or a playgroup, its likely I can help. That’s also why I am a great fan of the global players&traders directory project of the COE.
- I want to encourage and support new players and national play groups to found a national MECCG council. It helps a lot to be in the family, receiving all the infos that help to increase MECCG gaming.
- the COE started to raise some funds and hand out prizes and support to COE approved tournaments. Also here I would like to play an active role.
- I also became a fan of the Dream- and Virtual Cards projects. Its great fun to have new ways now to explore more of Middlearth. So I am all in favour of this and would like to promote

So if you think all of this has some value in the world of MECCG I would be happy to receive your vote. Thanks for confidence!

Wolfgang Penetsdorfer

Vastor Peredhil
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Post by Vastor Peredhil » Fri May 16, 2008 9:28 am

Hi folks,

I was asked to fill up the last seat for the council, so as an active member of the community I felt honored that others thought I would be good for the job.

As to my resume...
I played METW from the start, coming from 2 years experiance as a RP in Tolkien's beautiful Middle-earth in 1996.
Since then I played most German Nats and some European & World events, always with little or no places but the lasts for me ;( .

From 1996 right after the release of The Dragons, I started creating dream cards along with others from out active community back then, as ICE was missing so many key cards (as Farmer Maggot)

over the years this hobby became more of an obbsession, as I realized that competive tourney play wasn't for me.
Back in 2007 I finished my 500ths dream card.
I also started running dream-card based tourneys at the LURE & German Nats since 2004 with ever growing popularity.

Out of neccessity I started the DCCD Dream card challenge deck format, for which I created 16 decks all different and fun to play.

Another reason to give me your vote, is that I believe me to be the key (if not only) helper to William Danchus' FATE project, if you don't know what it is look it up around here

So give me your vote if you wnat to see and read even more dream cards, and if you ever want to see FATE played in our lifetimes


Nicolai Willinek aka Vastor Peredhil a Aerfaroth

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Post by Ringbearer » Sat May 17, 2008 12:47 pm

Hello people,

my name is Bert, and I am running for re-election of the Council of Elrond.

I started playing a bit casual around the release of the Lidless Eye, although our group played hero only.

I came back into the game 1 1/2 years ago by stumbling on GCCG and this time got stung by the virus. I love playing both casual and high-level games.

I am active within the Dutch Council (Isles of the Dead that Live) and within the creation team of the virtual cards, to expand the possibilities of MECCG beyond the current pool of cards.


Bert Claessen
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Post by |Highwayman| » Mon May 19, 2008 2:06 pm

Hello there

My name is Peter Rzeńca, aka |Highwayman| :)
This is the second time I'm running for COE elections and I'm hoping to get re-elected with your help. :P
I'm Polish and I live in Warsaw, Poland and I've pretty much played MECCG since the first day it reached Poland.

Some of you may know or remember me from meccg.net, GCCG and GatlingEngine even, as well as from e-mails you might have received from me various times when I'm advertising MECCG events in Poland.

About 4 years ago me and my brother started organizing nation-wide MECCG events in Poland and since then our number of players and participants constantly grows - our Polish MECCG forums have over 120 registered users, more then half of which is active and maintain contact with us. Lately I've been focusing on supporting MECCG in Poland - organizing Polish Nationals and reaching out to old friends and lost players to help them get back into the game.

This year I hope to have some more time so I can help out our international community. My main goals would be:
:arrow: keeping MECCG, the Council of Elrond and the whole community alive
:arrow: discussing the future of MECCG (dream cards and expansions, virtual cards etc.)
:arrow: help COE MECCG rules become the 'standard' MECCG rules - but by 'standard' I mean them as a base on which event organizers can fallback on and take from when devising their own rules for their event(s) - be it regional events, national or even world-wide.
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Post by jhunholz » Mon May 19, 2008 7:41 pm

Voting is extended to May 30, as it should have been 2 weeks originally.

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Post by Balin » Tue May 20, 2008 8:13 am

Hi there,

this is Agustin Lozano, aka AgusBalin at GCCG. I started to play our great game in the 90's, though I quitted playing for a few years till summer of 2005, when my old friend Manuel Cabezali persuaded me to play at Spanish Nationals that year. I am an active player since then, both online and IRL. I was at Lure 06 and at Worlds 06 and 07. I helped to organize last Europeans in Madrid. Nowadays I am lending a hand in Virtual Cards projects and MECCG newsletter.

I like both competitive and casual play, e.g. I designed a scenario based on 'The Hobbit' to be played at Europeans, where we had lots of fun. I also wrote an article about MECCG which was published in a Spanish cardgames magazine last April. On the other hand, if you are looking for something against voting me, here it is: I am NOT a rules guru, in fact I am always asking other guys about rules queries :roll: But I keep on learning! :wink:

This is my first candidacy for CoE elections and I hope to start working for MECCG community ASAP. Finally, as a current member of Spanish Council of Rivendell, I believe it would be nice to have someone representing my country in CoE since Spanish players are very active players at the moment.

Agustin Lozano.

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