Creating Starter Decks for beginners

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Creating Starter Decks for beginners

Post by thorondor » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:13 am

since the other thread dealing with this topic has become flooded and quite difficult to survey, i have started a new one. please focus on the topic.
i quote the relevant text now, that explains, what this all is about:
Frodo wrote:A lot of what we're discussing revolves around tough ideas and arguments. Now I want to think about projects.

First: I would like someone to start creating the "Demo game" I outlined. I would like a rough draft of this finished by mid-May. I could then take a look at it, and do a revision/expansion/edit to it. Basically, in August I'm going to a huge convention where American Nats is and I'd like to try this demo-thing!

Second: Maybe somebody answered this already, but... are there game conventions in Europe? Does anybody go to them?

thorondor wrote:
good that you bring this up again. i have been pondering about this for some time already ...

i think there are 2 levels:
- demo decks just for teaching the game: gandalf vs saruman, each one company going for 4 MPs cards (mix of item/faction/ally). not more than 10/10 cards per deck.
decks are easily prepared. see attchment.

- starter decks for interested people (that have been demoed)

while the demo decks are used for demoing exclusively, the starter decks should be given away to anybody interested in the game for a few $/€. this should be done in the name of the COE (by some representatives).

i have done proto types of such starter decks. each wizard with 10 characters and 20/20 cards in the deck. see attachment.
the guidelines have been:
- availablility of cards:
c cards appear up to 3 times in all decks together. uc cards only once. f1 cards only once, f2/3/4 up to 2 times, f5 in each deck.
also cards from TD, and very few from DM.
- theme:
groups of characters mostly of the same race. each starting company contains a hobbit (i dont wanted to have them without hobbits). MP resources accoringly.
5 types of hazard creatures: men, undead, orcs, wolves, trolls

if you have any ideas how to make them better, please let me know.
i wanted to play with these decks a few games just to see if they are balanced.

i am planning to ask the world wide community to send cards, that are needed for these decks, to the COE representatives for MECCG demoing. this could be me for europe, maybe joe wants do do this for the US?
the COE covers the shipping costs, while the cards are given for free.

but before all of this starts, we have to prepare a few more things:
- create a map that can be added to the starter decks
- make rules for the specific need of the demo game and starter decks. there is this simplified rules document by craig o´brian. maybe this one helps (with a few changes). i have attached it here.
- a nice info card that tells a few things about MECCG and the COE and leads to the hoempage.

anything else??
starter&demo decks.xls
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MECCG simplified rules.doc
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Post by thorondor » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:14 am

note, that this thread is for the beginner decks only!! i have quoted the whole text just for completeness´ sake.
if you want to comment on the demo deck&rules, please go here: ... php?t=1072

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Post by tbadiuk » Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:44 am

Are non-english cards OK? For example, I have lots of:

- French Dragons C/U
- Italian METW C/U
- Complete Japanese UL set of common/uncommon + 3/5 fixed
- Two complete Spanish METW limited c/u/f sets
- plus more...

For English...I don't know anymore what I even have!


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Post by Nerdmeetsyou » Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:14 am

I believe you should use the cards in the language of country where you are.... or english

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Post by Brabo » Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:27 pm

Last friday Thorsten the Traveller and I tried out these beginner's decks: Alatar against Pallando. It's too soon to give an indepth analysis of the decks, but I just popped in here to say the first look we had was good! We had a quick game (remember I'm still a beginner also so every game under 2 hours is a quick one ;)) that was very straightforward (i.e. no complicated card-combinations) but also good fun. We will try out these decks a little longer and come back with some more, and hopefully useful, info!

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The Starter decks in gccg

Post by Brabo » Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:30 am

For everyone who uses subversion gccg: after you update your gccg-files these Starter Decks can now be found within the client. Press Ctrl + I to go to "Import deck". You will see the Starter Decks added under "Starter Decks Project 2009". Have fun trying these decks out, and please leave your feedback here for Wolfgang!

For more info about subversion gccg (the 'new acces' to the client), check this thread here

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