ßeta Announcement (9/1/18)

Discussion of the new web-based platform for MECCG.

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ßeta Announcement (9/1/18)

Post by rezwits » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:45 am


Introducing, this September 1st, 2018, cardnum.net (beta) ...
(temporarily located at http://meccg.fairuse.org during the year long beta run, or, if you have firewall issues)
(no longer at fairuse.org)

ADDED: https://cardnum.net
will direct you to the page now too!

This is a fully playable browser based version of Middle-earth:CCG.

The main goal of this project is to allow players to fire-up an meccg game in under 2 minutes and begin playing. In addition to end the dependence on gccg, lackey, and other such platforms in order to play the game. As a side note, with the new macOS Mojave (being strictly 64-bit), gccg will most likely not load/run anymore on the latest updated macs.

As a bonus all dreamcards have been loaded.

This is an open-source development project, located at:
https://github.com/rezwits/cardnum (forked from, as some of you may notice, jinteki.net)

The project is fully ready for contributions via github.com.

The project is also capable, if you use docker, of being downloaded, installing docker, and building, to have your OWN running instance on your machine/hardware, to aid in personal development and learning of the project, and possibly to contribute in the future.

The development page has some youtube videos (of game play), to demo how to get started, which I will also link to at the bottom.

Some features that are important are:

Using the LEFT ARROW, to card zoom. (or /z to toggle, i.e. turn off)
Using the RIGHT ARROW, to send the card title over to the chat log
Using the OPTION/ALT KEY, to access region clicking. (or /o to toggle)
Using /r in the command window will roll the dice (2d6).
Using /score to score a faction, kill, or other
etc... (see the help tab at the site)

NOTE: if you enter a game room real quick to test a deck or see play by yourself, when you are done just reload the page, "i.e. leave page", or close the window/tab.

The hot-keys get active if you hover over a card, or have your cursor in the chat window.

There are some of the new MENE (ME:The Necromancer, dreamcard expansion) background options available while playing, along with some beautiful reproductions of most or all of the Lidless Dice out there, at various sizes.

When you first create an account, you will be given some 24 challenge decks, the standard 10 and 14 or so dreamcard challenge decks.
You must create an account to edit decks, and play, but you are also free to just look at all the cards in the card browser if you like.
Check out the Settings page too and update your profile, especially if you want stats to start tracking.

All sites are automatically loaded, with speed!

The deck editor inherited some of it's usage traits from the gccg deck list formats. Which if you have some you can paste right in and save, or even from excel, and then go back and correct the necessary alignment and set codes. The only alignment codes needed, are when there are hero, minion, etc copies of the same titled cards. And you should plus then minus any card that has an alignment, while deck editing. Also, all the sites are loaded like I said, but the under-deeps are usually located in the region of the surface site, if no surface site try, Redhorn Gate, Gorgoroth, or Gap of Isen for Deep Mines, or nearest surface site.

There are going to be improvements as the 3 to 12 months of beta testing begin.

If you have any questions, you can hit me up here at the CoE forums, or email located in the about page on the site.


1. The game works with a single click of a card, no double clicking needed, hard habit to break at first.
2. Read the Help tab for a list of commands. You type commands in the chat window, also when trying to drag a card somewhere try "grabbing" one of the corners.
3. Watch the youtube videos, (links at github repo, and below)
4. If you have a game, that is loaded and you have a desktop machine that is constantly running you can login to the site from that machine, and rejoin your game, (ex. you were playing on a laptop), and then leave the game rejoining on your desktop machine. If there is at least one player in game, the server will keep the game for up to 24 hours, if you tap and untap a guy your 24 hours starts over. But games can finish in under 3 hours, due to the shear speed, haha k, I'll quit! But as a side note, the first MAIN Beta feature will be being able to save games, now that the format is pretty much locked in.
5. Force reload your web browser, if you have a problem option-reload, or if needed, because you are not seeing a posted update, empty your cache, (Chrome, settings, type cache, etc).
6. Chrome is the best browser, with Safari on mac, and Firefox. Edge is a little slow, IE forget about that. I have gotten Chrome to work on Windows 7 and macOS 10.6.8!. Keep your browser updated to the latest if you can. With older machines the initial loading of the site can be slow and take up to 30 secs, where as newer machines in around 10 secs.
7. If you want you can create a 2nd account, to play with in two different browsers on the same machine, use this to solo play or practice! (You can also, create a game and type /click 100, to get the draw menu going, or /click 80 to reverse thru the resource menus for now)
8. Post any thing in this thread that you feel needs improvement or discussion. Features and card by card code will be posted as we go, there is a bug reporter that you can directly submit bugs/errors using this link https://github.com/rezwits/meccg/issues/
9. Have FUN!!!

A special thanks to Vastor Peredhil, Thorsten the Traveler, and dirhaval for all their work with the Dreamcards. The Jabberwock for sure, for his constant endeavor with the Council of Elrond, and the dice! Germanico for the inspiration of creating html mapping of sites. And to the alpha testers who got us this far!

youtube.com beta demo videos

Chapter 1 - Chat & Cards
Chapter 2 - Deck Building
Chapter 3 - Help & Settings
Chapter 4a - Resource Game Play
Chapter 4b - Resource Game Play (cont.)
Chapter 5 - Hazard Game Play

Thanks for your interest...
You probably aren't playing Agents correctly 8) <- need a rule thread for this tho...

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ßeta Announcement (1/9/19)

Post by rezwits » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:59 am

The server has been relocated to a faster server and things are looking good, ahead of target date ;P

In a few months or so with time permitting, there will be another change to SSL certificates, so the site will say "Secure" to new users, and we will be required to use https:// most likely...

for now enjoy the full URL




Laters (and thanks for your patience)...
You probably aren't playing Agents correctly 8) <- need a rule thread for this tho...


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